Interdisciplinary Centre of Marine and Environmental Research

Oceanus Seminar Series

Type: Seminar
Date: 2017-03-17

Giuliana Parisi will present a seminar entitled "The concept of quality in fish" at 12.00 am at CIIMAR (level 1).

Food quality is perceived as a global concept. Food should be primarily safe, tasty and healthy. In the case of the fish, we are faced to a matrix that is very valuable for the peculiarities that presents but it is very delicate, being subject to rapid involutional changes during the storage.

In the lecture, a brief excursus of the parameters characterizing the quality of fish will be presented. The most important aspects for the market and for consumers will be briefly described. The presentation will focus on the nutritional properties and the chemical composition of fish. Particular attention will be paid on the lipid fraction, both from the quantitative and the qualitative point of view, and on its changes related to endogenous and exogenous factors (like the diet composition). The components responsible for the functional properties of fish will be also considered. The importance of freshness for maintaining and safeguarding the safety and quality characteristics of fish from farm to table will be also approached.


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