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Alexandre Marnoto de Oliveira Campos

Name: Alexandre Marnoto de Oliveira Campos
Aggregation: Integrated Member
Type of member: PhD holder researcher
Category: Auxiliary Researcher

Research Groups

Academic degrees

Academic degree: PhD

Scientific activity

Lecturer of the discipline “Toxicogenomics and Toxicoproteomics” from the master course “Contaminação e Toxicologia Ambientais”, (ICBAS/FCUP) at University of Porto, Portugal. Supervision and training of undergraduate and graduate students (MSc and PhD) in areas of plant physiology, environmental toxicology and biochemistry.  Organizer of the advanced course in proteomic techniques (2.5 ECTs, 28 hours). The course is a collaboration between CIIMAR and IPATIMUP institutes. 3 editions have been undertaken so far (years 2011 and 2012). Other parallel activities include reviewer assistance in different scientific journals; assistance as jury in PhD and MSc thesis; science communication and dissemination for the general public and in the secondary schools.

CIIMAR R&D Projects

CIIMAR Publications (2007-2017)

Research interests

I am working on the characterization of the bioactivity of cyanobacteria secondary metabolites at the molecular level. I am interested in theidentification of proteins that mediate/regulate cellular up-take, toxicity and bio-transformation of cyanotoxins in target organisms. This body of knowledge is important to understand the impact toxic cyanobacteria in the environment and human health. Proteomics and mass spectrometry are two important analytical tools in my research.

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