Interdisciplinary Centre of Marine and Environmental Research

Law of the Sea


Research Group

Law of the Sea

Thematic Line

Global Changes and Ecosystems Services

Principal Investigator

Marta Chantal da Cunha Machado Ribeiro


Marine environmental law; Marine resources; Economic activities at the sea; Governance of the sea


The Law of the Sea Research Group (LOS-RG) was created in 2011 with the goal to complement, strengthen and benefit from the multidisciplinary nature of CIIMAR by developing legal research and sharing knowledge in the areas of marine environmental law and sea affairs.

The LOS-RG aims to develop research, share knowledge and provide advice on the following priority areas:

In pursuing these main goals, the group has the following specific objectives:

Main Achievements

In pursuing its goals, the main achievements of the LOS-RG until June 2014 were the following:

Future Research

The LOS-RG intends to develop the following research themes:

Most Relevant International Publications

Ribeiro, MC. 2010. “The ‘Rainbow’: The First National Marine Protected Area Proposed Under the High Seas”, IJMCL 25: 183-207.

Ribeiro, MA. 2012: “A Convenção de Montego Bay 30 anos depois” in La Gobernanza de Los Mares y Océanos Nuevas realidades, Nuevos Desafios, Andavira Editora, Scientia Juridica, Santiago de Compostela, 2012. [Subject: The Montego Bay Convention: 30 years after…].

Ribeiro, MC. 2013: Achieving Ecologically Coherent MPA Networks in Europe: Science Needs and Priorities,  Olsen EM, Johnson D, Weaver P, Goñi R, Ribeiro MC, Rabaut M, Macpherson E, Pelletier D, Fonseca L, Katsanevakis S, Zaharia T. Marine Board Position Paper 18. Larkin, KE and McDonough N (Eds.). European Science Foundation, Ostend, Belgium (April 2013).

Zanella, TV. 2013: “Poluição marinha por plásticos e o direito internacional do ambiente”in Carla Amado Gomes, Celebrando os 40 anos da Declaração de Estocolmo,Ed. Jurua, Curitiba, 2013. [Subject: Marine pollution by plastics and the international environmental law].

Bastos, FL; Coelho, PN; Ribeiro MC. 2014: Proceedings of the International Conference ‘30 years after the signature of the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea: the protection of the environment and the future of the Law of the Sea’, Coordinated by Marta Chantal Ribeiro, Coimbra, Coimbra Editora, 2014; pp. 119- 146 (‘Setting the field for future ‘mineral rushes’: some reflections on the international regime for the exploration and exploitation of marine minerals’); pp. 291-316 (‘Challenges and uncertainties of the continental shelf extension projects: the portuguese case’); pp. 179-207 (‘Marine protected areas: the case of the extended continental shelf’).

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