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The worldwide consumer demand for sustainably-raised animal products is rapidly increasing. Seafood products are an important component of this market. The aquaculture industry aims to use safe and traceable products targeted to consumer needs and ensure that such products possess the required sensorial characteristics at a maximum convenience and acceptable price. The industry needs to be prepared to tackle the effects of emerging risks (e.g. climate change) in product quality and safety.

The objective of this Thematic Line is to generate high quality scientific knowledge and innovation, through basic and applied research, to tackle some of the evolving sustainability challenges facing the aquaculture and seafood industry. A strong focus is placed in the valorisation of research outputs through knowledge transfer to the end-users and the industry.

It is organized into 7 Research Groups that develop work on the following areas: Sustainable development of aquaculture to meet human demand and the assurance of a proper quality control from seafood products; Providing conditions for organisms to express their genetic potential for maximization of growth potential; Developing innovative diets based on sustainable resources to provide optimal nutrient composition; Improving immunological conditions, disease resistance and control; Improving product quality and reducing environmental pollution; Increasing species diversification; Identifying best practices and developing alternative aquaculture systems such as Integrated Multitrophic Aquaculture Systems (IMTA); Assuring quality and safety of seafood products, taking into account emerging risks.

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