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More than one third of the world´s population lives in coastal areas and depends on the resources and services provided by the aquatic ecosystems. In order to support the sustainable growth of the sea economy and develop marine goods and services, it is crucial to improve the knowledge of the natural processes ruling ocean dynamics and ecosystems functions, as well as major forces challenging ecosystems changes, both on regional and global scales.

The objective of this Thematic Line is to contribute to develop basic knowledge and tools to support the protection and management of marine, estuarine and freshwater ecosystems and inter-related compartments for the sustainable exploitation of their resources, fostering at the same time the emergence and production of valuable goods and services, encouraging new spin offs and working in close collaboration with SMEs and international and local authorities and stakeholders.

It is organized into 15 Research Groups that develop work on the following areas: Establishment of an ocean observatory system that will improve the detection of physical changes in the ocean and improve the accuracy of future predictions and early warning systems, expanding risk assessment capabilities and the development of tools and strategies to address global climate change issues; Unravelling marine biodiversity, ecosystem function and management; biogeochemical cycles; Environmental risk assessment; Sustainable exploitation of fisheries; Human impact in coastal, open and deep sea ecosystems; Mechanisms of toxicity of natural elements and man-made chemicals; Combined effects of multiple stressors such as natural and anthropogenic priority and emergent chemicals, ocean acidification and hypoxia.

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