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The Ocean is still poorly known, exploited and understood, so we need to take advantage of the enormous marine biodiversity and chemodiversity to develop innovative techniques and products that have societal and economical impacts at national and international scales.

This Thematic Line is organized into 6 Research Groups that develop work on the following areas: Discovery and characterization of new bioactive compounds with ecological, pharmaceutical or other industrial applications. Study of the emergent HAB shellfish toxins and development of biosensors for its early detection; Development of emergent microbiological or biochemical-based technologies to improve seafood quality and the value-added utilization of fishery and aquaculture products; New methodologies of conservation and bio-preservation, by the utilization of biotechnological alternatives for the production of squalene, omega 3 type fatty acids, phytosterols and other biomolecules; Development of biotechnological tools for ecosystems recovery, taking into consideration the several anthropogenic impacts and the ecosystem functionality; Bioremediation and phytoremediation processes, with the ultimate goal of promoting clean and economically reliable tools to mitigate the pollution effects and promote ecosystem recovery.

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