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Preliminary hazard assessment of a new nature-inspired antifouling (NIAF) agent

Vilas-Boas C., Sousa J., Lima E., Running L., Resende D., Ribeiro A.R.L., Sousa E., Santos M.M., Aga D.S., Tiritan M.E., Ruivo R., Atilla-Gokcumen G.E., Correia-da-Silva M.

Nonthermal high-pressure microalgae extracts: A new source of natural ingredients for cosmetics

Garcia M.P., Regueiras A., Lopes G., Matos G., da Silva L.P., Cerqueira M.T., Cardoso H., Correia N., Saraiva J.A., Silva J.L., Martins R., Marques A.P.

Pigments profile and antioxidant potential of extremophile cyanobacteria isolated from the Mexican Volcanic Lake Chichonal

Silva R., Gonçalves T., Morone J., Moreira G.A., Morais J., Hentschke G.S., Álvarez-Gutiérrez P.E., Batista-García R.A., Vasconcelos V., Lopes G.

Genome-wide sequence divergence of satellite DNA could underlie meiotic failure in male hybrids of bighead catfish and North African catfish (Clarias, Clariidae)

Lisachov A., Panthum T., Dedukh D., Singchat W., Ahmad S.F., Wattanadilokcahtkun P., Thong T., Srikampa P., Noito K., Rasoarahona R., Kraichak E., Muangmai N., Chatchaiphan S., Sriphairoj K., Hatachote S., Chaiyes A., Jantasuriyarat C., Dokkaew S., Chailertlit V., Suksavate W., Sonongbua J., Prasanpan J., Payungporn S., Han K., Antunes A., Srisapoome P., Koga A., Duengkae P., Na-Nakorn U., Matsuda Y., Srikulnath K.

Microplastic contamination in marine mussels from the Atlantic coast of North Portugal and human risk of microplastic intake through mussel consumption

Barboza L.G.A., Otero X.L., Guilhermino L.

Siderophores and metallophores: Metal complexation weapons to fight environmental pollution

Gomes A.F.R., Almeida M.C., Sousa E., Resende D.I.S.P.

Appraisal of heavy metal(loid)s contamination in rice grain and associated health risks

Kumar A., Kumar V., Rodríguez-Seijo A., Setia R., Singh S., Kumar A., Seth C.S., Somma R.

Use of otolith microchemistry signatures to assess the habitat use of Centropomus undecimalis in lagoon systems of the southwest Atlantic

de Almeida P.R.C., da Costa M.R., de Souza Coutinho R.D., Méndez-Vicente A., Castro J.P., Monteiro-Neto C., de Almeida Tubino R., Correia A.T.

A comprehensive compilation of Iberian Medusozoan data: Diversity, ecology, and omics insights

Rodrigues T., Almeida D., Guardiola F.A., Borges P.A.V., Antunes A.

Biological alterations associated with the orthodontic treatment with conventional appliances and aligners: A systematic review of clinical and preclinical evidence

Gonçalves A., Mathelié-Guinlet Q., Ramires F., Monteiro F., Carvalho Ó., Silva F.S., Resende A.D., Pinho T.

Energy efficiency in winemaking industry: Challenges and opportunities

de Castro M., Baptista J., Matos C., Valente A., Briga-Sá A.

Occurrence of microplastics and metals in European seabass produced in different aquaculture systems: Implications for human exposure, risk, and food safety

Matias R.S., Gomes S., Barboza L.G.A., Almeida C.M.R., Marques A., Guilhermino L., Valente L.M.P.