Education & Outreach

Working together to promote ocean literacy

CIIMAR is responsible for the development and implementation of several Ocean Literacy campaigns and exhibitions, in order to improve the knowledge and public perception of science, aquatic biodiversity and conservation. CIIMAR participates in numerous public events and science communication displays aimed to promote the dissemination of research to society. CIIMAR Open Day, coinciding with Leixões Port Day, constitutes our major public dissemination event, with an average of 20.000 visitors.

Educational Program

CIIMAR is responsible for a broad educational offer, which includes guided visits to CIIMAR, lectures (presential or online), laboratory and field activities (e.g. beach cleaning and observation of intertidal biodiversity). All activities are available by booking in advance through the link bellow.


Meet our partners

CIIMAR also develops science outreach activities with a variety of local partners at regional and international level.

CIIMAR is also responsible for the scientific management of two Environmental Monitoring and Interpretation Centres (CMIAs) through cooperation protocols with the City Councils of Vila do Conde and Matosinhos.


CMIA Matosinhos

Environmental Interpretation and Monitoring Centre (CMIAs) through agreements with the City Council of Vila do Conde and Matosinhos. Outreach activities includes temporary exhibitions, seminars, workshops performed regular in house and field trips for public of different ages.


CMIA Vila do Conde

Environmental Interpretation and Monitoring Centre (CMIA) through agreement with the City Council of Vila do Conde. Outreach activities includes temporary exhibitions, seminars, workshops performed regular in house and field trips for public of different ages.


Pavilhão da Água
Águas do Porto

CIIMAR and Water Pavilion develop several educational activities for schools and the general public along the school year.

Estação Litoral da Aguda

ELA is a public aquarium and local fisheries museum created and managed by Michael Weber, a CIIMAR researcher. The ELA has currently more than 25,000 visitors per year and has a special relevance in what concerns Environmental Education Programmes for all ages.

Aquamuseu do Rio Minho

The AQUAMuseu is located in Vila Nova de Cerveira, in the area of Castelinho. The Aquamuseu has more than 30,000 vistors per year and comprises an aquarium that shows the most characteristics biota of river Minho, from the river spring to the estuary, and a fisheries museum that exhibits old and contemporary fishing gear and memorabilia related to the relation of the population with the river through the times. Its Director, José Carlos Antunes, is a CIIMAR researcher, and CIIMAR has been collaborating in several activities promoted by the AQUAMuseum.

Câmara Municipal do Porto

Câmara Municipal do Porto (CMP) is the public local authority of the city of Porto. Beside others measures and actions, CMP supports science education projects at schools, promoting contacts between researchers and students, through partnerships with laboratories and investigation centers. CIIMAR is involved in two outreach projects in Porto Schools: “ComCiência” and “Projeto SEI”.

Sealife Porto

CIIMAR and SEALIFE-Porto work together in several initiatives to promote science and environmental education especially in estuarine and marine areas; contribute to the recognition and conservation of the marine heritage of the Portuguese coastal region and promote scientific and technological research related to the ocean and its

European Marine Board Communications Panel

CIIMAR is member of the European Marine Board Communication Panel (EMBCP), a pan-European platform for marine science communicators to promote Marine Board activities, to synergize outreach activities and to advocate ocean literacy.

Ongoing Education & Outreach Projects

Ponds with Life

CIIMAR at school


Closed Education & Outreach Projects