External Advisory Committee

The External Council for Scientific and Technical Monitoring has the task of providing the essential elements for a correct scientific-technical evaluation of the Directorate’s activity plans and reports, as well as providing support to the Directorate on matters of a scientific-technical or pedagogical nature, issuing opinions and recommendations. It is made up of a minimum number of three and a maximum of five individuals, Portuguese or foreign, of recognized technical and scientific merit, appointed on a proposal from the Board for a period of four years.

Françoise Médale
William Gerwick
Scripps Institute of Oceanography - USA
Mike Elliot
Hull University
Laura Giuliano


PhD Students Committee

The PhD Students Committee was established in 2019 to serve as a representative body for all PhD students affiliated with CIIMAR. The committee aims to facilitate effective communication between students and the institution’s directive board, advocate for student rights, and organize activities that foster capacity-building and networking opportunities. These initiatives further encourage collaboration among students, researchers, and collaborators from the broader CIIMAR community, including all associated faculties.

The Committee organizes regularly a diverse range of social and scientific activities, including an annual reception to new PhD students, informal seminars featuring early career researchers and industry professionals from biotech companies, workshops, and the annual Blue Think Conference – the committee’s flagship and largest event.