Social and Environmental Responsibility

Empowering Change: Our Social and Environmental Initiative

CIIMAR aims to be an international reference centre for knowledge and sustainability of the ocean and the environment, operating at regional, national and international levels. We are dedicated to effectively communicate research findings not only within the scientific community, but also among society, ensuring that they are comprehensible and acknowledged by all.

CIIMAR is also firmly committed to the principles of research freedom, ethical conduct, professional responsibility, adherence to good research practices, recognition of the scientific profession, non-discrimination, gender equality, provision of optimal working conditions and training opportunities, as well as the protection of intellectual property rights.

To achieve these objectives, CIIMAR develops a comprehensive Social and Environmental Responsibility Plan consisting of various initiatives. These are designed to integrate social and environmental considerations into the centre’s structure and operations in order to expand its contribution towards a fairer society and a cleaner environment.

Our Social and Environmental Responsibility Plan aims to be a guiding framework for good practices within the Interdisciplinary Centre for Marine and Environmental Research (CIIMAR). This plan takes into consideration CIIMAR research focus and all other activities essential to its functioning. It aims to encompass objectives across multiple dimensions: institutional, social, environmental and economic. Through this plan, we strive to contribute to the advancement of a more equitable society, a cleaner environment, an efficient management of human resources and mitigation of possible environmental and natural impacts. Ultimately, CIIMAR seeks to add value to all stakeholders engaged in scientific activities, in alignment with the European Commission Green Paper “Promoting a European framework for Corporate Social Responsibility”.

Institucional dimension

Regarding the institutional dimension, CIIMAR aims to promote measures that foster a harmonious balance between professional and family life and to cultivate a cohesive and inclusive organizational culture that values principles such as solidarity and citizenship.


Within the social dimension, CIIMAR focus extends beyond improving the working conditions of the whole team and ensuring health protection and risk prevention. It is also intended to value people, their skills and know-how.

Additionally, CIIMAR addresses both the environmental and economic dimensions by raising awareness and encouraging employees and suppliers to adopt good environmental practices. These include promoting efficient resource usage, reducing environmental impact and fostering sustainability.