Technology Transfer

Sustainable Innovation for a Thriving Blue Economy

Promoting the transfer of knowledge and fostering the development of new technologies, products and services through innovation.



CIIMAR Platforms developed under various European Research Infrastructure Networks (e.g. EMBRC, EMSO, MIR- RI-PT, OPENSREEN-PT, Bio.Data) represent a new strategic axis of the Centre to grant access to other institutions in the European Research Area and companies. These Platforms provide access and offer support and expertise to wide range of experimental services and equipment.

Access to Ecosystems
Analytical Laboratories
Aquaculture and Animal Experimentation Facility
Biodiscovery and Omics
Blue Biobank

Spin Offs

Pioneering a Sustainable Blue Economy

Technology Spin Offs resulting from CIIMAR’s research create value and address societal challenges through entrepreneurship, driving innovation, sustainability and growth of the blue economy.

Public Policy

Knowledge Transfer for Effective Policy Making

Knowledge transfer between the scientific community and decision makers is pursued through the participation in partnerships and networks aiming to contribute to public policy design and implementation at regional, national and European levels.

CIIMAR is member of the following collaboration networks:

European Marine Board


Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Service

European Platform for Biodiversity Research Strategy

Group on Earth Observations Biodiversity Observation Network


Science innovation for impactful solutions

Patent registration reinforces CIIMAR’s position as a leading hub for scientific advancement and strengthens its commitment to driving impactful solutions for marine and environmental challenges.



Marinnova is a R&I company focused at providing innovative services and products in the field of marine and environmental sciences. The company is anchored in the scientific background built during the last 15 years by CIIMAR. It has a strong commitment with the Industry, Research Institutes and Public Institutions in the implementation of national and international innovative projects to foster technology transfer and the developments in the field of the Marine and Environmental Sciences and Technologies.