Technology Transfer


CIIMAR follows a market-driven approach to support the development of a sustainable blue economy while tackling important societal challenges. Through the implementation of Large Scale Mobilizing R&TD Programs, R&D projects in co-promotion with companies and the CIIMAR’s Blue Business Development Platform, the Centre promotes the transfer of knowledge, fostering the development of new technologies, products and services with a strong technology and innovation component.

CIIMAR is a founding member of the National Maritime Cluster – Forum Oceano, the Blue Bio Alliance, and more recently, the B2E Co-LAB – Collaborative Laboratory for Blue Economy. 

Technology offers

Technology offer

Method for obtaining proteins or rich-protein extract from algae

This technology relates to novel methods for disrupting algae cell walls based on milling and enzymatic lysis obtaining a high nutrient digestibility protoplast to be used as a functional feed or food ingredient in human or animal diets. 

Algae nutrient bioavailability
Novel ingredients
Cell wall disruption
Digestive enzymes

Technology offer

Autonomous aquaculture fish feeding system and operation method thereof

This technology relates to an autonomous aquaculture fish feeding system and method, comprising an autonomous vessel with a plurality of temperature and salinity sensors and an electronic data processor configured for calculating a fish weight prediction model from collected temperature and salinity data.

Smart Systems
Predictive Feeding
Modelling and Simulation
Autonomous Vessels

Technology offer

Antimalarial agent, methods and use thereof

This invention relates to halogenated alkyl-aromatic secondary metabolites, in particular hierridin C and its application as an antimalarial and anticancer agent. Furthermore, this technology relates to methods to obtain this novel compound from the cyanobacterium Cyanobium sp. LEGE 06113 and to methods to chemically synthetize it under laboratory conditions.

Hierridin C
Halogenated Alkyl-aromatic