Anchored on a long-standing expertise in ecotoxicology, this platform is set to support the wider community in their regulatory, technical and research needs.

The aim is to support research and environmentally sustainable technological development, providing toxicity testing and other ecologically relevant assessments of environmental contamination to researchers, environmental managers, municipalities, wastewater treatment plants and other interested stakeholders. The platform is settled at the aquatic facility of CIIMAR, which is licensed by the Portuguese Authority for the Protection of Experimental Animals (DGAV, Direção Geral de Alimentação e Veterinária). State-of-the-art infrastructures are available for the required testing, which is developed under the guidance of researchers certified to coordinate animal experimentation (type C FELASA). Standardised toxicity testing (e.g. OECD, ISO, EPA guidelines), within the REACH Regulation, and tailor-made solutions for integrated monitoring of ecosystem health are provided upon request.

Principal Investigator
Team Leader

I am Senior Scientist at CIIMAR, where I head the Ecosystem Monitoring and Sustainability (EcoSignal) team and the Technological Platform of Ecotoxicological Services. I am also Invited Assistant Professor, and Coordinator of the UNESCO Chair Ocean Expert, at the University of Porto. I am a collaborator of the research group Monitoring and Modelling at Universidade Positivo (Brazil). My main expertise is in environmental toxicology and monitoring, hazard assessment, pollution and biodiversity, and ocean literacy. I got the Magellan Circumnavigation Research Prize (bee biodiversity, FCT) in 2020. My PhD is in Biomedical Sciences, with research work at the CNRS (France).

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