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July 9, 2024

EnziMar project among the winners of the competition Educaixa (Fundação “La Caixa”) “The Challenge”

July 3, 2024

Four CIIMAR students highlighted by IJUP 2024

June 26, 2024

CIIMAR attends the first meeting of the Advisory Council of the Embarca Project

June 7, 2024

BioProtect project launches to protect marine life

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24 Jul


CYAmoeba Final Meeting

04 Sep


Meta Microbial Workshop 2024

10 Sep


Blue Think Conference 2024

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CIIMAR, is a leading research and advanced training institution of the University of Porto, focused in creating innovative ideas for the sustainability of the Ocean and finding solutions for the future needs of our society. Promoting the understanding and knowledge on physical, chemical and biological dynamics of these environments and the impact of natural and human disturbances.

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