March 13, 2024

CIIMAR creates “Living Lab” to ensure the water quality of the Lima River

Using Nature-Based Solutions, MAR2PROTECT promotes good environmental status and high surface water quality, impacting aquifers.


CIIMAR is responsible for the new Living Lab created in Viana do Castelo under the MAR2PROTECT project, aiming primarily to ensure good environmental condition and high surface water quality in the Lima River estuary.

Coordinated by Universidade Nova de Lisboa, MAR2PROTECT‘s mission is to prevent groundwater contamination through various innovative technologies, including tools supported by Artificial Intelligence.

CIIMAR’s research in the MAR2PROTECT project, led by the researcher Marisa Almeida, focuses on the Lima River estuary and its marshland area. According to the researcher, CIIMAR’s role is to “demonstrate the potential of Nature-Based Solutions to maintain good environmental condition and high surface water quality, which will positively (but indirectly) impact aquifers and prevent groundwater contamination.”

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