May 13, 2024

Intellectual Property Course: Module 2

The second module of the Intellectual Property course was held on May 15th.

On May 15th, the second module of the Intellectual Property course was held, coordinated by the Technology Transfer and Business Development Office at CIIMAR. This course, an initiative of the ERA Chair BlueBio4Future and Twinning GRINNAQUA projects, aimed to assist researchers who are on the verge of patenting or transferring technology, with the support of specialists from Patentree.

The training was conducted in a private setting, using individual or team meetings in an ‘IP clinic’ format, where researchers were able to develop their ideas and discuss possibilities and strategies for protecting the intellectual property they wish to secure.

The participants found the course crucial for understanding how to navigate towards patent success, and it also emphasized the importance of safeguarding ideas before disclosure. This knowledge is vital for valuing research activities and preventing premature disclosure of results that could jeopardize the patent process.