Carlos Alberto Rocha Gomes


Chemistry graduation (1985) from Faculty of Sciences and Technology of University of Coimbra and PhD in Chemistry (1999) from Faculty of Sciences, University of Porto. Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry Department, Faculty of Science, University of Porto since 1987.
Researcher of CIQ(UP), (1987–1994), LAQUIPAI (1994–2007) and, currently, Researcher at CIIMAR. His domain of specialization is Environmental/Analytical Chemistry. He developed Scientific research in the Environmental Chemistry area, namely kinetic and thermodynamic studies of the interactions of metals with soluble or particulate heterogeneous ligands and study the role of particulate heterogeneous ligands on metal speciation. Has work in the area of synthesis and characterization of chitosan derivatives and more recently in the area of phytoremediation.
Currently interested in data science, namely chemometric methods.