José Fernando Alves Teixeira

Administrative Services
Environmental and Social Sustainability

José Teixeira has a PhD in Biology and completed a post-doctorate in Science Communication. He is currently coordinator of the Environmental and Social Sustainability Office at CIIMAR, where he was coordinator of the Communication and Dissemination Office between 2014 and 2023. His interests are focused on sustainability and environmental education, hatitat restauration and biodiversity conservation. He is responsible for the coordination of enviromental awareness projects, such as “Ponds with Life” and “Ocean Action”, which was awarded in 2016 with the Green Project Award for the best Mobilization Initiative in Portugal. He integrates several European conservation programs, including the EC-funded H2020 Ponderful and LIFE+ Trachemys projects, and he is responsible for the curation and production of science exhibitions, such as: “Plastic Sea”, “Sea Monsters”, “Amphibians: a paw on water another on land”, “Museum’s Animals” and “Darwin’s Evolution”. He’s author of more than 20 scientific papers in international journals and coordinates advanced training in science communication and freshwater ecology.