Miguel José Martins Caetano

Team Leader

Miguel Caetano is a marine chemist with scientific interests focused on the challenges posed by the changes in the biogeochemical processes induced during the Anthropocene. Its main research areas of investigation have been the interaction of pollutants (classic and emergent) between water, sediments, and aquatic organisms coupled with the early-diagenetic processes. He has participated in educating 15 young researchers and up to 80 national/international research projects and research contracts and authored>125 ISI scientific papers with >3,000 citations. He is the team leader of the Contaminant pathways and interactions with marine organisms group at the Interdisciplinary Centre of Marine and Environmental Research and a senior researcher of the Portuguese Institute of Sea and Atmosphere. He has been a member of the ICES WGMC, MSWG and ACOM, chair of the standing committee on fisheries environment of NAFO and member of the pool of experts in the WOA II during the second cycle of the regular process of the UN.