Access to Ecosystems

Coastal ecosystems nearby CIIMAR includes a large diversity of habitats, both marine and estuarine. The Atlantic platform of our energetic coasts provides a large variety of seabeds, from soft sediment bottoms to luxurious rocky reefs.

Extensive rocky shores and sandy beaches characterizes the North coast of Portugal. Also estuarine zones including large river mouths like in the case of river Minho, Lima, Douro or Cavado, and coastal lagoons like Ria de Aveiro are embedded in this coastal area.
CIIMAR Access to Ecosystem platform aims to facilitate research activities by sharing its deep and long-term knowledge on the fauna, flora and environmental conditions of the different ecosystems of the North Portuguese coast and by providing logistic facilities and guidance throughout the research activity process.
CIIMAR Scientific Diving Center is fully equipped to support research at underwater level following European Scientific Diving Standards. Equipment includes full diving gear sets, wide-range of tools and equipment needed to execute diverse observational surveys, manipulative experiments, biological and non-biological collection samples and image collection (video and photograph). CIIMAR ocean research facilities include multi-parametric CTD, underwater deployable light and temperature sensors, water and plankton sampling devices, underwater hydrophone, Van Veen sediment grabs, etc.

Principal Investigator
Research Grant

Holds a PhD degree in Marine Ecology from the University of Coimbra. Past research has focussed on investigating macrofaunal community functioning in coastal ecosystems using trait-based approaches. Presently responsible for the CIIMAR’ Scientific Dive Centre and involved in various projects that includes Scientific Diving. 

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