February 29, 2024

CIIMAR names a new genus and species of cyanobacteria

Discovered during a dive near the Leixões Harbour, Ciimarium marinum was described for the first time by a team of researchers from CIIMAR.

At a time when it celebrates its full 24th anniversary, CIIMAR sees its name immortalized through the description of a new genus and species of cyanobacteria (Ciimarium marinum). The discovery, led by researchers Guilherme Scotta-Hentschke, João Morais, and Vítor Vasconcelos, has just been published in the scientific journal Phytotaxa.

This new genus of cyanobacteria was collected from a biofilm sample obtained during a dive by researchers Aldo Barreiro and Pedro Leão, also from CIIMAR, one kilometer off the coast, near the Port of Leixões, at a depth of about 10-12 meters.

To identify Ciimarium marinum, the team led by Vítor Vasconcelos used molecular tools, optical and transmission electron microscopy, and pigment profile analysis. These methodologies allowed understanding that this genus comprises a cyanobacterium rich in carotenoids, also containing significant levels of chlorophyll a and phycocyanin.

The type species that allowed the description of this new genus is now deposited in the herbarium of the University of Porto (reference PO-T4784) and maintained in a liquid medium in the collection of cyanobacteria and microalgae cultures of CIIMAR – LEGE_CC (with the designation LEGE 11466).

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