24 Jan
| 11:30 am

Oceanus seminar series – 24 Jan

Oceanus Seminar series | 24 Jan 2024 | Eduarda Almeida | 11h30

Title: Exploring the microbial diversity of Portuguese saltern environments

Extremophile microorganisms are characterised mainly for their ability to survive in environments distinguished by harsh conditions, which select for well adapted species presenting unique metabolic features that might be related with the production of interesting secondary metabolites.
Salterns are extreme environments where the main factor limiting life is the high concentration of salt, however high UV radiation and temperature are also relevant selective pressures in these habitats. Although worldwide salterns have been targeted by numerous microbiological studies, Portuguese microbial population of these environments is understudied.
This seminar will provide new insights on the microbial communities of two Portuguese salterns, namely Aveiro and Olhão salterns.


Name: Eduarda Ameida

Eduarda Almeida graduated in Biology in 2012, completed her MSc in Cell and Molecular Biology in 2014, and accomplished her PhD degree in Biology in 2023, all at Faculty of Sciences of the University of Porto. Her main research interests are on microbiology and bioinformatics, with focus on the search for novel bioactive compounds from extremophile microorganisms.


The seminar will take place at CIIMAR headquarters (Boca da Baleia Auditorium).


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