May 2, 2024

First CIMAR-LA meeting

The first CIMAR-LA meeting was held on may 3rd at CIIMAR.

The first CIMAR-LA meeting was held on May 3rd at the CIIMAR headquarters in the Porto Cruise Terminal. The main objective of this event is to establish working groups dedicated to various areas of action within the associated laboratory.

CIMAR-LA brings together two centers of excellence in marine research in Portugal: CIIMAR and CCMAR. This associated laboratory is committed to advancing Ocean science to provide social benefits and promote sustainable development.

CIMAR-LA’s mission encompasses understanding, protecting, and sustainably exploiting the full potential of marine and aquatic ecosystems through multidisciplinary research, innovation, and advanced training. Additionally, it promotes excellence in research areas related to the marine environment, enabling a coordinated response that supports public policies at regional, national, and international levels.