June 5, 2024

CIIMAR researcher helps to unravel the phylogenetic tree of birds

Discovery published in the journal “Nature” lays the foundation for the most comprehensive avian family tree ever constructed.

The phylogenetic tree of birds has finally been unveiled, with the collaboration of CIIMAR researcher and professor at the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Porto (FCUP), Agostinho Antunes.

The study titled “Complexity of avian evolution revealed by family-level genomes,” published in the prestigious journal Nature, allowed for the first-time use of complete data on a genomic scale to construct the tree for bird species. This intricate reconstruction illustrates 93 million years of evolutionary relationships among 363 bird species, representing 92% of all avian families.

This comprehensive set of genomic data was produced by the B10K consortium (Bird 10 000 Genomes Project) following the sequencing of 48 bird genomes published in the journal Science in 2014.

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