19 May

“Conversas com Ciência” in Serralves – May

Marine Actinobacteria: Microbial Treasures of the Oceans for Biotechnological Applications

19 May, 2024

Time: 11:00

Capacity: 25 people

Access: Entrance through the Quinta gate – Rua Bartolomeu Velho, n.º 141

Panoramic Room – Quinta de Serralves

Free access, but mandatory registration via the link.

The sea harbors enormous biotechnological potential, much of which is hidden in the actinobacteria that inhabit it. Exploring it could be the key to discovering new molecules.

Nature is a constant source of innovation, offering a plethora of natural compounds with the potential to revolutionize various sectors of our society. When it comes to the production of natural compounds, there is a group of microorganisms, known as actinobacteria, that stands out for their enormous capacity to synthesize bioactive molecules, with potential applications in the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, industrial sectors, among others. Notably, about two-thirds of all antibiotics currently used, as well as a wide range of anticancer compounds, immunosuppressants, herbicides, and antivirals are produced by these microorganisms.

In the continuous effort to discover new bioactive molecules, the sea emerges as a promising source of these substances, thanks to its immense, largely unexplored microbial biodiversity.

In this discussion, we will talk about the fascinating world of marine actinobacteria, focusing on their diversity and distribution in marine environments, as well as their vast potential for the discovery of bioactive molecules, fundamental for the development of drugs and other important applications.

Researcher: Fátima Carvalho

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