08 May
| 11:30 am

Neptune Seminar Series

Neptune Seminar Series | 8 May | Rafaela Perdigão | 11h30

Title: Exploring the Potential of Marine Bacteria in Plastic Degradation: Insights from Net Biofilms and Hydrocarbon-Degraders

Marine litter and microplastics severely impact our ocean and its wildlife. While tackling this issue “upstream” is necessary, looking into “downstream” solutions, such as improving degradation and recycling processes of the collected plastic litter, is vital. In this line, microbial biodegradation of plastics, particularly by bacteria, has been considered as an interesting alternative, where a link between hydrocarbon and plastic-degradation has been hypothesized. Culture-dependent and independent approaches were applied in this work to search for plastic-degrading potential in marine bacteria originated from fishing net’s biofilms (Braided Polyethylene, Braided Nylon, Thin Nylon) and hydrocarbon-enrichments.


Name: Rafaela Perdigão

Rafaela Perdigão holds a BSc degree in Biology (FCUP) and a MSc degree in Environmental Toxicology and Contamination (ICBAS), from the University of Porto. She is currently a last-year PhD student at CIIMAR/ICBAS, exploring biodegradation of oils, maritime fuels and other pollutants inside ports, such as plastics, using marine microorganisms. With know-how on autochthonous bioremediation of hydrocarbons, her main research interests rely on the recovery of polluted marine environments, biotechnology, and optimization of degradation processes.


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